Friday Face-Off VMA Performers: Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry

The 2013 MTV Music Video Awards are this Sunday and while most elements are left for surprise, we know for certain the live performances are going to be smokin’ hot. Two of the performers already announced are fearless fashionistas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

We can’t wait to see what crazy costumes are in store, considering past music videos have been dowsed with edible, stretchable, colorful, slip ’n slide-able outfits. Vote now and tell us whether “Poker Face” or “California Gurls” has the biggest costume WOW factor!

Team Little Monsters

Lady Gaga “Poker Face” – Gaga looks like a stripper from Star Trek in this video, and that’s not a bad thing. She rocks some ultra tight latex jumpsuits that would make my grandmother blush, but ultimately kills the look. What exactly that look is – well, the jury is out on that. According to Gaga, she wrote this song as a tribute to her rock n’ rock boyfriends. Guess they were really into gambling and heavy petting – ’cause this video is chock-full of both.

Team KatyCats

 Katy Perry “California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg” – Katy brings new meaning to the term “eye candy.” Covered in ice cream and lollipops, Katy satisfies our sweet tooth – but the video isn’t all sugar and sunshine. On her Candy Land adventure, Katy meets middle-finger flashing Gummi Bears and floats naked on a cloud. Now that’s the envelope-pushing Katy we love. The sugar high ends with rhyming from Snoop and enough cupcakes to make a 6-year-old green in the face. Someone call a dentist.