2013 VMAs: Who Emerged Victorious In The Battle Between Lady Gaga And Katy Perry?

Ever since Lady Gaga and Katy Perry unexpectedly dropped their new singles in the same week, everyone has been putting the two up against each other in a head to head war of the pop divas. The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards were no different. From red carpet fashions to show performances, we break down their night round by round.

Round 1: Pre-Show Hype

As soon as it was announced that Gaga was opening the show, the internet went into a frenzy. What would she do? Could she top her last performance? And then it leaked that Perry was going to close the show. Two queens on one stage?! It almost seemed unthinkable. Who would deliver the better performance? All the questions were being asked.

Winner: Lady Gaga

Gaga takes all the pre-show hype. It was cool to learn that Perry was performing but it was exciting to know that Gaga was opening the show. All the little monsters could tell you that.

Round 2: Red Carpet Fashion

Perry opted for a loud Emanuel Ungaro dress (the same design Coco Rocha wore to the 2013 Met Gala). Meanwhile, Gaga was more understated in an all-black look that recalled Angelina Jolie. The looks couldn’t have been more different.

Winner: Katy Perry

Her dress was loud, funky and fun. The perfect kind of VMA dress.

Round 3: Fashion Accessories

It’s all about the details when it comes to these two. Both artists donned interesting accessories on the red carpet. Perry showed off her grill while Gaga opted for a nose ring. Both were surprising looks considering how many eyes were focused on these two.

Winner: Lady Gaga

Grills are so 2012, Gaga edges out a win here for something (gasp) understated.

Round 4: Show Performances
Lady Gaga, “Applause”

Katy Perry, “Roar”

The two most anticipated performances of the night delivered what fans wanted. Considering all the hype that existed ahead of the show, it was easy for both to disappoint but thankfully neither one did. Each singer had a lot at stake and wanted to pack as much heat into three minutes of showtime as possible.

Winner: Lady Gaga

Gaga’s “Applause” takes it here. Even though Perry did some hardcore jump-roping, she couldn’t topple her frenemy. Hands down, the performance was comical, energetic, and boasted five costume changes. All ’applause’ goes to Gags.

We scored it 3-1 for Gaga. What do you think? Was it Gaga or Perry for you?

Which VMA Performance Did You Prefer?

[Photos: Getty; GIF: Tumblr]