VIDEO PREMIERE: James Blunt’s “Bonfire Heart”

Okay, are you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside? Because you should be. James Blunt has stolen our hearts in the past with charmers like “You’re Beautiful” and this song, friends, is no exception. He shot this video throughout Idaho and Wyoming, and guess what? None of the people in the video are actors. Everyone you meet is their true character, lending James smiles and high fives on his motorcycle trip. It’s an emotional journey you won’t likely forget. So here’s to you and your blazing bonfire heart.

Oh… and remember the adorable couple tying the knot at the end of the video? Those gleaming smiles were for real. James Blunt stumbled upon these two lovebirds celebrating their oh-so-recent wedding ceremony, and he captured the action. But don’t take my word for it. Read what James had to say about it in this VH1 exclusive:

Hi Guys,

I just thought you should know the back-story of the end of the “Bonfire Heart” video – we had shot the video throughout Wyoming and Idaho over two days using real characters, and the final scene took place in the car park of a bar, where everyone we’d met on the journey would meet up and we planned to film a wrap party. What we didn’t know was that in the bar, a wedding was taking place, and when they saw us arrive, the entire wedding piled out and joined us. I played them all “You’re Beautiful” in the car park on my guitar, with the bride and groom pushed to the front by the 80-strong crowd, and then we lit fires and sparklers, put on “Bonfire Heart,” and the bride and groom had their first dance to it, which we filmed, and which is now the climax of the video. So if you think the girl looks happy at the end, you’ll know, she’s not acting.