Celebs Throw Shade Following Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance

Miley Cyrus left us all with something to say about her jaw-dropping live appearance at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday. The performance, twerkalicious as could be, had its share of detractors.

Even with Miley gaining a record-breaking level of buzz on Twitter, not all of it was in her favor. Who are some of the famous haters of her performance?

Kelly Clarkson, who caught some of the broadcast while she was in Chicago, tweeted this little gem:


James Van Der Beek took a shot at the foam finger Miley used as a sexual prop:

Following Sherri Shepherd’s appearance on his show, Jay Leno tweeted the comedienne’s comment on Miley’s gyrations:

Judd Apatow prefers the old Miley:

Newswoman Mika Brzezinski has been especially vocal about the suggestive performance, going as far as to label the set “disgusting.”


Political commentator Bill Maher, rarely afraid to speak his mind, gave his thoughts on the show:

Bethenny Frankel felt Miley was too young and impressionable, obviously being misled by those around her:


Joan Rivers lashed Miley in her signature sharp-tongued style:

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]