Rockin’ The Cradle: The 15 Most Scandalous Relationships In Music History

  • R. Kelly and Aaliyah

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  • Elvis Presley

  • marvin_gaye_1

  • Sonny and Cher

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  • jimmy_page_1

  • Steven Tyler

  • Ted Nugent

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Underage, incestuous, drug-fueled….All love is good love, but some couples really push it! Rock ’n’ roll is filled with folks who don’t play the rules, and this can also extend to their romantic life, leading to affairs that shock the world.

Some of these hook-ups lead to loving marriages that lasted a life time (or at least a long time), while others were doomed to rest on the slag heap of divorce papers. But at least it makes for a juicy story! From marrying your underage cousin to marrying the underage illegitimate daughter of your cousin, recording a duet about incest with your 12-year-old daughter or gaining legal guardianship over your teenage groupie girlfriend, you’ve got plenty to choose from in our collection of the 15 most scandalously freaky relationships in rock music history. Head up to the gallery above for more! Remember: love is a beautiful thing….sometimes.

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