The 30 Sexiest Singer-Songwriters Of All Time

  • sara bareilles

  • passenger

  • fiona apple

  • lady gaga

  • lisa loeb

  • adele

  • norah jones

  • laura marling

  • lily allen

  • jason mraz

  • amy winehouse

  • morrissey

  • tori amos

  • kate nash

  • kate bush

  • bruno mars

  • james taylor

  • lizphair

  • joni mitchell

  • jewel

  • john mayer

  • carly simon

  • sondre lerche

  • alicia keys

  • taylor swift

  • johnnycash

  • dollyparton

  • lenny kravitz

  • emmylou harris

  • jeff buckley

The singer-songwriter sometimes gets a bad rap in the world of music. You think of someone moping with a guitar in a coffee shop, but the 30 sexy singer-songwriters on our list wrote the love songs that became our songs of lust.

There’s nothing sexier than a person who is confident and open about their passion, and that’s what a singer-songwriter is. Their job is to become emotionally naked on stage, and that can only carry over into us wanting to see them…um…naked.

The 30 men and women on this list inspired our passions and taught us about the thrills and pains of true love. Are we supposed to help falling into true lust?

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]