Bobby V. Talks New Music And Addresses Benzino + Kirk Frost LHH ATL Controversy

No doubt Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars Kirk and Rasheeda are still basking in the baby glow of their recent family addition, but a few weeks ago Kirk took a collective public bashing from the likes of Nicki Minaj, countless bloggers, and LHHATL fans worldwide for his raunchy onscreen encounter with some “loose” females. The incident had quite a few folks fluffed at R&B singer Bobby V. as well, since the one night stand occurred at Bobby’s house. Since the steamy episode aired, both Kirk and his partner in crime Benzino have gone on record to try to assuage the situation and conduct damage control.

We caught up with Bobby V. during his recent visit to New York and performance at a Soul Factory Presents show to get his take on the incident and its aftermath. (Oh, and we talked about music, too.) The R&B prince who hails from Atlanta put it on record that ratchet and raunchy does not rule his world, and he’s a good guy who just wants to put out good music. Building off of the buzz created by the success of his steamy single “Put It In” featuring another LHHATL star, K.Michelle, at the top of this year and his latest single “Back To Love” that dropped last month, Bobby V. is on a mission to show fans what’s “good” in his music and in his life. Check out our exclusive interview with Bobby V.:

What makes performing in New York so special to you?

New York is like a make or break city. If you can perform in New York and people appreciate it and love it, then you can pretty much do it anymore. So it’s all good to perform in New York. You can really gauge your new songs and really gauge your performance.

Your latest single is called “Back To Love.” Why are you so in love with R&B and why is it so important for you to represent for R&B?

I mean I just grew up on R&B and I feel like the bigwigs of R&B — it’s time for me to hold myself accountable for the music that we put out. We as a community—the urban community and blacks as a whole—we’re not putting the right music out. I don’t think we’re putting music out to enlighten each other, and to take ourselves as a whole to the next level. So I’m holding myself accountable to make good, quality R&B music, and that’s what “Back To Love” is.

Can you tell us a little about your upcoming album, when it will be out, and what we can expect?

Peach Moon, it’s a live album, and it’s gonna be a lot of live instrumentation, a lot of live music, and it’s an album that’s talking about real issues and real things that people go through in their daily lives and not just about sex. It’s more about real issues, and things that people maybe was about to give up can hear some Bobby V. music, the new album Peach Moon, and not give up on their relationship or their job, or school or anything. That’s what the album’s about — it’s more conscious and more real than my previous album.

Some folks were mad at you for that episode of LHHATL and folks want to know, did Benzino know you were having some female company over for Kirk to mess around with?

Well, you know, he might of known, and he might not have, but you know, everybody is a grown man at the end of the day so like I say you have to hold yourself accountable for the actions. I can’t tell somebody what and what not to do. I’m not trying to wreck no families. I’m single, so if I have some girls over at my crib I don’t have anybody to answer to. I was just at the crib with some young ladies and they happened to come through and it popped off.

Are you planning on doing anymore episodes of LHHATL or any other TV?

Yeah, I’m actually working on a show with my parents, it’s called Farm School, and it’s with my family. Because I’m really instead of all the negative and the rah rah, I want to be more positive, even with my music. In Peach Moon, I want to show lighter sides of urban people, of black people. Because I think that when people of other ethnicities see us, they see all the ratchetness and rauchiness, and even though that’s what sells, I want to do something positive and show the positive sides of an upcoming black family that’s working hard and doing good things versus always showing the negative. Of course we all have issues that we deal with in our lives, daily issues that we’re trying to get over, but for the most part I’m a good guy, I believe in God, and I want to show some positivity because if I have the stage to show people some things, I want to show them some goodness.

[Photo Credit: You Know I Got Soul]