Before They Were D**ks: What Happened To Justin Bieber’s Wholesome Image?

Before Justin Bieber was peeing in restaurant mop buckets and getting searched for drugs at airports, he was just another seemingly virtuous pop star.

The young Canadian musician was discovered via YouTube and subsequently catapulted to worldwide fame in 2010. With his evangelical upbringing, Bieber spoke openly about his views on premarital sex and abortion, cementing his devotion to his faith.

Perhaps the pressures of being in the spotlight have led him astray, as stories of his alleged less-than-pious antics abound. These days, the Biebs is arguably as well known for wreaking havoc as he is for his infectious pop tunes. We’re hoping that he finds his way through the maze of fame, but until then, we’ll have a look back at Justin Bieber’s much more respectable persona.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]