First Dibs: What’s Miley Cyrus Saying About Her Controversial VMA Performance?

Did John Mayer propose to Katy Perry? Harry Styles reveals his real feelings about twerking, and Jennifer Lopez opens up about the highs and lows in her love life.

  • Miley Cyrus isn’t worried about her haters following her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. She knows that she made “history,” mostly because we’re still talking it about it days later. Watch the clip above to find out more about her feelings on the performance. [MTV News]
  • And with Miley putting twerking in the news, One Direction’s Harry Styles is now saying he finds the dance move “inappropriate.” Apparently, he thinks it glorifies “promiscuity” among young folks. [Us Magazine]
  • Is John Mayer trying to make Katy Perry his wife? According to a report, the rocker proposed to the pop star, but got turned down. Ouch. [Jezebel]
  • Even though we’ve been following Jennifer Lopez’s love life for years, we’ve probably never really understood why there have been so many ups and downs. In a new interview, the singer says that she expects a lot from a partner — which may mean she has to make changes every now and then. [People]