Beware Of The Mack: Tristan Wilds Is All About The Hustle And Flow

With parts in films like The Secret Life Of Bees and Red Tails, not to mention his significant role as Michael on HBO’s The Wire, Tristan Wilds has been able to consistently display charm, chemistry and charisma on-screen. However, now that his role as Dixon Wilson on The CW’s reboot of 90210 has come to a close, Wilds is looking to make the always-tricky transition from acting to music with his debut LP, New York: A Love Story (out Sept. 30), and a new moniker: Mack Wilds.

Mack worked with music industry heavy hitters like Pete Rock, Method Man and Raekwon, Doug E Fresh and Ne-Yo to craft his 13-track ode to New York. “Initially, me and Salaam (Remi, his executive producer) had a very concise idea of exactly the picture that we wanted to portray,” Wilds told us when we sat down with him during a recent visit to VH1 headquarters. “Shining a light on New York is something that’s necessary, especially considering it’s where I’m from. Everything that I’ve learned (has come from) roaming New York streets.”

The first single off Mack’s musical debut, “Own It,” is enjoying some solid radio airplay and video rotation on MTV and MTV2, and it’s one of a few gems on his upcoming album that show and prove he’s got the goods to back up this new musical venture that he’s owning. Speaking of owning, we couldn’t let our interview end without accomplishing two important tasks: finding out Mack’s relationship status (FYI the 24-year-old whose gone from a boy to a man in front of our eyes and dazzled us with his winning smile every step of the way is single) and uncovering the story behind the name Mack. We weren’t sure if it was a nickname, or an alter-ego that he’s created and has at the ready when he needs to snap into music mode. For every question, there’s an answer. Check out Mack’s in the clip below!