Ariana Grande: Five Things To Know About The Little Girl Behind That Big Voice

If you’ve asked yourself “Who is this new girl on the scene with the great, booming voice who looks like an Olympic figure skater?” anytime in the last few weeks, we’d like to introduce you to Ariana Grande. The teeny tiny pop starlet has made a humungous splash on the charts this summer, earning comparisons to a one Ms. Mariah Carey and abundant praise for her pristine form of pop.

At 20, she’s the same age as Miley Cyrus, yet is worlds away from twerking up on married men and having to defend her tongue activity. Instead, she’d rather teach the masses how to make the best use of one’s whistle register and remind us of a time when holding hands could send hearts racing. With her debut album, Yours Truly, out this week and music video for “Baby I” premiering today, here are some friendly talking points about the Mini Mariah to get you through the weekend.


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