Rock Rants: The 10 Most Epic Musician Meltdowns Ever Caught On Tape

Rock stars are famous for being a bit… temperamental. Take a huge ego, keep it awake for days out on the road, (maybe) add a few drugs to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a verbal explosion loud enough to rock a stadium. All it takes is the tiniest of sparks. Living in the spotlight has got to be pretty stressful, and it’s understandable that these folks crack every now and then. But occasionally their eruptions are pure comedic fury, with unhinged tirades that reach new depths of obscenity and profanity. Head down below to listen to 10 (very NSFW) of our very favorite musician rants and meltdowns. Enjoy!

10.  Yngwie Malmsteen Releases “The F–king Fury”

– Watch More Funny VideosYNGWIE MALMSTEEN Threatens To Kill Airline Passeng

Yngwie hit the bottle hard during the long flight to Tokyo back in 1988, and apparently terrorized folks in the First Class cabin with rude antics. That’s when one woman decided to take revenge on the metal god by dumping a jug of ice water over his head while he was sleeping it off. Yngwie predictably didn’t respond very well to the rude awakening, swearing at the woman and even threatening to kill her! Drummer Anders Johansson got the whole thing on tape.

Highlights: “You’ve unleashed the f–king fury” (which later inspired the title of his 2005 album)

“I don’t deserve this s–t, I paid for a First Class ticket!”

F-Bomb Count: 15


9. John Lennon Needs Some Peace

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