10 Best Overlooked Musical Moments On Television

There have been a number of fantastic moments on TV when a song marries the scene perfectly. For instance, “Hallelujah” in both The West Wing and The O.C. or Sia’s “Breathe Me” at the end of Six Feet Under. But those shows and others have provided us with so many great moments that there are tons that are overlooked. Do you remember how fresh “Take Five” sounded during a rare bright moment in season six of The West Wing? Or how hilariously bitchy Thanksgiving was in Gossip Girl season three? These are the best overlooked musical moments in the past ten years of television.

In alphabetical order by show name:

1. Show: American Horror Story
Song: Jessica Lange, “The Name Game”

While Jessica Pare made a big splash on Mad Men with her performance of “Zou Bisou Bisou,” nothing tops the creepy fun of Jessica Lange leading a sing-along to “The Name Game” in season two of AHS. The performance was unexpected, fun and perfectly horrifying in the context of the show. Hats off to Lange for commenting to the performance, only Pare and Colbie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) showed the same commitment and zeal on their shows.
2. Show: Gossip Girl
Song: Jason Derulo, “Watcha Say”

From beginning to end, Gossip Girl was known for its music. Like The O.C. before it, it capitalized on the ethos provided by a singer-songwriter or indie rock band playing in the background. However, very few songs actually played on the dialogue like the Thanksgiving scene in season three. With “Watcha Say” practically playing beginning to end, the entire cast gathered around the dining room table for a exchange of jabs, secrets and bland sweet potatoes. The scene is hilarious in its bitchiness but also perfectly paced to Derulo’s metallic crooning.

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