First Dibs: Is Lady Gaga Channeling The Wizard Of Oz?

Is Ed Sheeran working on three new album? Why does Robin Thicke owe his life to wife Paula Patton? How many ’90s trends can you spot in Ariana Grande’s new music video?

  • Lady Gaga usually likes to surprise us, but she’s already revealed on twitter that her Good Morning America performance on Monday morning will have a “Gaga of Oz” theme. She also tweeted out an Oz themed rhyme and a photo of a yellow brick road on a stage. []
  • Ed Sheeran has a huge goal: three albums in three years. Lucky for him, the singer-songwriter has already banked 70 demos and is working with legendary producer Rick Rubin to separate the wheat from the chaff. [Rolling Stone]
  • Robin Thicke might be at the top of his game with his flirty hit “Blurred Lines,” but he owes it all to wife Paula Patton. In a recent interview, Thicke said he didn’t know if he’d “still be alive” without her. [US Magazine]
  • Sure, Ariana Grande sounds just like a ’90s era Mariah Carey, but in her new video for “Baby I” she channels the entire 1990s. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]