Yes, Miley Cyrus Spanked A Twerking Dwarf On German Television

You thought you had seen it all? WRONG! Miley Cyrus stirred up a few weeks worth of controversy when she twerked all up on Robin Thicke at the VMAs last month, but she recently brought twerking to German airwaves … with a twist.

Miley appeared on the program Schlag Den Raab —which translates roughly to The Salty Tears Of Walt Disney— over the weekend to perform her hit song, “We Can’t Stop.” Per usual, she turned up (turnt up?) the sexiness by sporting a pair of super short shots, thigh highs and a crop top, but unlike the VMAs, she kept her wandering tongue firmly planted in her cheek. Surprisingly, she didn’t drop it (or anything!) like it was hot, as millions (thousands? hundreds? What’s the German equivalent of Nielsen ratings?) of Germans were deprived of Miley’s now patented twerking.

However, always the showman, Miley did not let the Twerking community down. One of the little people who made up her backing band—who, it must be noted, had previously been playing keytar (!!!)— sauntered in Miley’s direction near the end of the song’s second verse, and Miley took the opportunity to smack dat ass. While it twerked. Don’t believe us?

As Bill Paxton famously said in Aliens, “Game over, man. GAME OVER!”

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