A Naked Miley Cyrus Gets Sensual With Construction Equipment In “Wrecking Ball”

On Monday, Miley Cyrus debuted the brand new video for her ballad, “Wrecking Ball.” In the video directed by everyone’s favorite creepy uncle, Terry Richardson, Cyrus gets awfully sensual with some construction equipment. Like, really sensual. That infamous tongue of hers makes its way back out and onto a sledgehammer. Then there’s all the writhing and groping of the old ball and chain. Man, Liam Hemsworth must be jealous he’s not getting the same attention from his ex-girlfriend lover Robin Thicke humper fiancé or whatever those two are these days.

The video starts off with an emotional appeal, Cyrus crying into the camera and then it cuts to…

Oh, it’s her tongue working a sledgehammer.

And then she starts caressing the chain, her naked body is wrapped around.

Oh, and we are back to the hammer. If the song is a metaphor for a relationship gone bad, I don’t want to know what the tool represents.

And now we get a full shot of Cyrus’ naked body. (Remember the last time she got naked for Vanity Fair?)

Okay, now this is just getting, err, pornographic.

And there are nipples.

Well now that she’s worked the base, it’s back to the head of the hammer.

I’m fairly certain if she leaned back any further, we would have seen nipple.

I guess she grew tired of the hammer and has moved on to the chain.

Nope, just kidding, she’s made up with the hammer, which may be a metaphor for Thor… Liam’s older brother?

Okay, Miley, wash your underwear!

And now we’re closing with the seductive look. Too late Miley, you made it clear it was the sledge or nothing at all.