YOK Artist Lorde Thinks Style Can Be More Than “What You Wear”

In a world full of pop divas in candy floss wigs and outrageous costumes, VH1’s September You Oughta Know artist Lorde stands out. 16-year-old Lorde may be new on the scene, but she already has a distinctive sense of style that relies more on chic, timeless silhouettes than the “hyper-drama” of avant garde fashion and exaggerated lines.

“I think there’s something kind of cool about that like ’hyper-drama’ that someone like Nicki Minaj brings to pop music,” Lorde admits. “I love clothes and I love being able to wear something which makes people view you in a certain way. In particular, on stage, I think it’s really powerful.”

While Lorde views fashion as an aide to performance, and not the performance itself, she does take her style cues from a cinematic style icon.

Lorde shared with us that her style icon is Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. Lorde admitted, “She wears like one thing the whole film!” However, that trademark black and white suit paired with a sleek, sharp black bob left a “lasting impression” on Lorde.

“I think style can be about what you wear, but also about how you act and who you are.”

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