The Top 20 Best Comedians’ Impressions Of Famous Musicians

There’s a saying that all comedians want to be rock stars and all rock stars want to be comedians. Sometimes that dream gets to come true. The 20 comedians on our list transformed themselves so seamlessly into the personas of famous rock stars, pop stars, rappers and crooners that we can’t separate the musician from their famous impersonator anymore.

20) Maya Rudolph as Whitney Houston on Saturday Night Live

Maya Rudolph always brought a musical flair to her performances, but no where was her musicality and penchant for physical comedy more appreciated than in her bonkers impression of the late, great Whitney Houston.
19) Zach Galifianakis as “Kanye West” in “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

The hilarious Zach Galifianakis would normally rank higher for starring in a Kanye West video, but it’s not a straight up impression. He’s just taking on the voice of West for comedic effect, and yes, it’s hilarious.

18) Ana Gasteyer as Celine Dion on Saturday Night Live

Celine Dion seemed like a pretty nice and untouchable personality…until Ana Gasteyer pointed out her naive egotism.

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17) Kristen Wiig as Bjork on Saturday Night Live

Kristen Wiig’s comedy could sometimes polarize her audiences. People either loved or hated her over-the-top character creations. However, her penchant for the weird served her well with her Bjork impression.

16) Fred Armisen as Prince on Saturday Night Live

Uber-chameleon Fred Armisen pretty much nailed Prince in his hilarious recurring impression of him. He’d probably rank higher, but there’s another, even more hysterically funny rendition of Prince coming up.

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15) Jimmy Fallon as Justin Bieber on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon might be the best musical impressionist in the game. This whole list could be entirely composed of Fallon impressions. His impression of Justin Bieber is a mix of joy and satire. It pokes fun at the young star, but still is bursting with exuberant fandom.

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14) Jason Bateman, Will Forte, Ed Helms & Jason Sudeikis as Mumford & Sons in “Hopeless Wanderer”

Mumford & Sons didn’t appear in their recent music video for “Hopeless Wanderer.” Instead, comedy stars Jason Bateman, Will Forte, Ed Helm and Jason Sudeikis lampooned the band and the cliches of nu folk in this silly music video.

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