First Dibs: Who Was The Subject Of Kanye West’s Latest Rant?

Nicki Minaj is accused of stealing a producer’s work, Elton John lets fans hear his new album ahead of its release, and The Weeknd mysteriously fills us in on what fueled his new LP.

  • Yes, there’s a new video of Kanye West going on a rant — but instead of bashing someone, he’s heralding someone. The hip-hop producer attended the listening party for Pusha T’s forthcoming album, and couldn’t sing the praises high enough. Yeezy seemed to decry those who aren’t yet up to speed on Pusha’s greatness. [Spin]

  • A Chicago producer claims Nicki Minaj’s hit “Starships” ripped a melody from one of his tracks. Clive Tanaka is suing Nicki and the producers who worked with her on the track. [Idolator]
  • Elton John is streaming his upcoming album, his first studio LP in years. Fans can listen to The Diving Board on Amazon, nearly two weeks ahead of its release. [Rolling Stone]
  • With his first studio LP having just been released, The Weeknd is explaining his creative journey into the aural abyss. Find out more about what the enigmatic singer-producer is saying about his amazing album, Kiss Land. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]