15 Sign Language Interpreters Going Ham At Concerts! Can You Hand-le It?

We all lost our minds for Lydia Callis last year when she delivered animated sign language interpretations for New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg during super-storm Sandy. When it comes to actual entertainment, however, it makes sense that concert sign language interpreters would really give it their all too.

A hearing impaired concert-goer is of course present to see their favorite artists perform, but they’re also spending a good portion of their time watching and being entertained by the person signing. They may not be able to listen to music in the same way that other folks can, but between the vibrations from the bass and a good sign language interpreter, concerts can still be highly enjoyable. Here’s a look at the people who really COMMIT when they interpret an artist’s lyrics, and in some cases, even provide some funky dance moves.

CONCERT: Kendrick Lamar
Confidently evoking Kendrick’s swag during “F—in’ Problems,” the enthusiasm from this interpreter is top notch!

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