EXCLUSIVE: Lorde “Freaks Out” About The Aging Process On “Ribs”

“This song’s about getting old, which I freak out about.” That’s Lorde, VH1’s current You Oughta Know artist, on her new song “Ribs,” which she debuted at the Greenwich Village club Le Poisson Rouge when she made her North American debut there last month. Considering that Lorde is but 16-years-old, we don’t think that aging is something that she need worry much about, but when the result is something as gorgeous as “Ribs,” we’ll begrudge her on that front (but just this once!).

During her gig at Le Poisson Rouge, she also performed a song called “400 Lux,” which will appear on her forthcoming Pure Heroine LP.

And lastly, here’s video of Lorde performing “A World Alone.”