Beyonce, Miley, Rihanna And More Prove That Underbutt Is The New Sideboob

  • Underbutt Is The New Sideboob

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Flashing your midriff to stir up controversy? That went out with Gwen Stefani’s bindi. Showing some sideboob to lure the lenses of the paparazzi? That’s even more common than finding a copy of Fergalicious at the used record store. So, how is a musician to keep themselves at the forefront of popular culture in 2013? Well, in addition to, you know, actually making good music, the answer is clear: UNDERBUTT.

Many of today’s most popular musicians have long since ditched pants for one-piece unitards, but over the course of the last year and change, short shorts and even shorter skirts have begun making a comeback. However, seeing as how fashionistas have dictated that hemlines should continually keep creeping upwards, we’re at a point now where the Beyoncés, Rihannas, and Mileys of the world have begun showing off the piece of the human anatomy that outlets like New York Magazine and The Daily Mail have coined as “underbutt.” You know, the part where the upper leg meets the booty region? Yeah, that part.

Underbutt was all the rage at New York Fashion Week, and if you’ve been to a music festival at any point over the last six months or so, you’ve no doubt seen this trend spread from those on stage to those in the crowd. While remains to be seen if underbutt is here to stay or if it will be consigned to the dustbin of musical fashion history alongside forgotten trends like flannel shirts and all things Tommy Hilfiger, as of today, there’s no escaping it.

[Photo Credits: Getty Images, Splash News]