Extreme Hatred Of The Eagles Provokes A Bread Knife Brawl

If you were to pen a list of The World’s Most Hated Bands, the Eagles would almost certainly be at or near the top (especially if your name is Jeffrey Lebowski). Now, we’re not saying that said assessment is fair, exactly, but this fact is undeniable. So, just how much do people hate the musical output of Don Henley, Glenn Frey and the rest of the laidback desperados who make up the Eagles? Well, one South Carolina man’s refusal to stop pumping Eagles tunes after repeated requests recently resulted in him getting stabbed (!!!).

According to a report from Charleston’s WCIV, 54-year-old Vernett Bader—who, we feel obliged to add, bears a striking resemblance to Joe Walsh!— was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature after the police investigated a report of knife assault. We’ll turn it over to WCIV for the nitty gritty:

When officers arrived, Bader was standing outside the house with another man who told police the victim had several cuts on his arms and hands.

When police talked to the victim, he said he had been listening to The Eagles when Bader told him that she did not want to hear the classic rock band’s songs. So the man told her to shut up, the report states.

Bader responded by allegedly getting a 14-inch serrated bread knife and swung it at the man repeatedly.

The unnamed victim is apparently recovering just fine after the incident. However, one thing we do NOT know is exactly what Eagles song pushed 54-year-old Vernett Bader over the edge. Won’t you speculate with us?

Which Eagles Song Is Most Likely To Drive Someone To Violence?
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[Photo: Getty Images, WCIV]