10 Music Superstars Caught On Tape Before They Were Stars

No one is born a star. Even if someone is born with a killer voice, they still have to toil away for years. They’ve got to hone their chops and await their big break. Thankfully, obscurity doesn’t mean the same thing as invisibility. The 10 stars on our list all have early moments caught online that they might not want us to see now.

Nevertheless, we think it’s important to remember that Lady Gaga used to perform at New York open mics in simple cotton dresses, or that Kanye West once toiled in the studio trying to impress Jay-Z, or that Ed Sheeran gleefully stuffed marshmallows into his mouth for no good reason at all.


1) Lady Gaga

Whether or not you think what she does is art, one thing’s for sure: Lady Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta, works her buns off in the name of pop music.

Even before she was steaming up the stage as Lady Gaga, she was hitting open mics all over New York City performing her songs and perfecting her sound. Many of Gaga’s early performances have been shared, but this performance of “Fever” in 2006 might be the most noteworthy if only because years later the song became an Adam Lambert single. Check out Adam’s performance of it in 2010 and note the differences:

2) Katy Perry

By now, it’s common knowledge that Katy Perry hustled for years as a teen Christian artist named Katy Hudson. She wrote earnest songs about G-d on her guitar and played them for small audiences. This performance of “Search Me” from 2001 is intriguing because she monologues for about three minutes up top about her relationship with her religion and at times she sounds like a moody LiveJournal post brought to life.

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