The 25 Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Made

Filmed music “promos” got their start in the ’60s as a cheap way for bands to do TV appearances without all the hassles of travel. But the birth of MTV in 1981 turned music videos into big business, with blockbuster sized budgets to match! From Michael Jackson to Madonna, TLC to MC Hammer, check out the 25 most expensive music videos of all time! Were they worth all that money? We’ll let you decide…

25. “The Wild Boys” by Duran Duran (1984)

Directed by Russell Mulcahy for $1,100,000 ($2,209,801 in 2013)


24. “Stronger” by Kanye West (2007)

Directed by Hype Williams for $1,200,000 ($1,328,647 in 2013)

23. “Here Comes The Hammer” by MC Hammer (1991)

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