“Hold On We’re Going Home” Video: Drake Channels ’80s Mobsters, Finally Proves He Knows How To Defend Himself

Happy Drizzy Week! Fresh off the release of third album, Nothing Was The Same, Drake has dropped the new video for “Hold On We’re Going Home.” The official clip transports the Toronto star back to ’80s Miami, where he’s the boss of a (likely shady) burgeoning empire consisting of A$AP Rocky, Majid Jordan, and the rest of his OVO buddies. The kind of power they’ve established helps get them exclusive tables at fancy clubs, but it also makes them and the ones they love potential targets. Borrowing heavily from mob classics by casting Scarface actor Steven Bauer, what we get is a crime caper that allows Drake to emote around lingerie AND shoot a gun while his friends rock Flock of Seagulls hair.

Yes, after all the cracks we’ve made about Drizzy’s past, he’s diving back into the acting thing head first. You mad? Whether you believe Drake is more of a fighter than a lover, or has ever been within five feet of a real gun, it looks like he wants to prove he can defend himself and his lady whenever necessary. Chivalry isn’t dead! (Should your eyes be closed, though?)

Or maybe he wants to show us how far he’s come since his Degrassi days? Back then, Drake was playing Jimmy Brooks, the BMOC who always had the newest Triple Five Soul gear, yet ultimately would become the misdirected victim of tortured classmate, Rick.

After that, nothing was the same.

Congrats, Jimmy Drake. You finally got your revenge.