Grrl Meets Boy (Or Other Grrl): The 10 Coolest ’90s Alt Rock Couples

  • Gwen Stefani Gavin Rossdale

  • courtney love kurt cobain

  • dave grohl louise post

  • natalie merchant michael stipe

  • natalie-imbruglia-daniel-johns

  • kathleen hanna ad-rock

  • kim gordon thurston moore

  • corin tucker carrie brownstein

  • james iha d’arcy wretzky

  • billy corgan courtney love

The ’90s were a simpler, grungier time where a riot grrl could find love with a Beastie Boy and where the hottest thing a woman could do was sling on a guitar and sing about her feelings. The 10 couples on this list not only made music that defined an era, but their stories defined our early romantic fantasies and gave us intense cautionary tales.

None of the love stories on this list is the same. Some are torrid tales of random hook-ups and others are testaments to true love. However, they all have one thing in common: amazing ’90s alt rock music.

Gwen Stefani of No Doubt met her current husband, Gavin Rossdale, when her band opened for Bush. The two then practically became the King and the Queen of ’90s music–and the ups and downs of their tumultuous relationship fueled the songs that were at the top of the ’90s alt rock charts. Maybe the still married Gwen and Gavin gave us our ska-tinged dreams of true love, but Courtney Love of Hole and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain certainly gave us one of the most insanely tragic romances in music history.

So, get your CD players out and put your Doc Martins on, and take a trip back in time with some of the most iconic couples of the ’90s and the hot hookups you never heard about.