Confessions Of A Spice Girls Superfan

Most of my childhood memories before age 12 involve Spice Girls. Some say this is a bad thing, but to those people I say pshhh! You’re just a Wannabe and I could Holler Goodbye in your face. Who Do You Think You Are?

Sorry, that was intense with the song title dropping… but you get the idea. I was a pint-size super fan. 1998 was the year I became a woman. No, not the year I got Bat Mitzvahed – the year I saw Spice Girls live in concert. I persuaded my mom to drive the 2+ hour trek to NJ’s PNC Banks Arts Center and from that day on my life would never be the same: I became a superfan. I knew the lyrics to all their songs, I owned stationary, clothing and candy with their faces on them and I had a Spice Girls themed birthday party. Two years in a row.

Above you’ll find a gallery of all the Spice Girls keepsakes I’m embarrassed proud to admit I owned as a tater tot. Now, I know I’m not alone in my music merchandise obsession – and that’s where you come in. We want you to send us photos of YOUR music fan merch on Instagram + Twitter by using #fankeepsakes. Any band or solo artist flies – whether your fix was New Kids On The Block or Led Zeppelin. And of course, remember to follow us on @VH1Music + VH1 on Instagram!

Submissions will be accepted until Thursday, October 10th at 3PM.

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