Sex In The Studio: 10 Artists Who Got Down While Laying It Down

Many rock stars spend a lot of time in the recording studio. It’s like a second home where they have complete control to turn their artistic vision into reality. But all work and no play makes for dull musicians, so it makes sense that sometimes the party spills over into the live room floor! Rock ’n’ roll is filled with debaucherous myths and urban legends, many of which take place while the red recording light is on and the tapes are rolling. The craziest part? A lot of them are true! Read on to read our very favorite tales of rock stars gettin’ it on while laying it down! Some of these exploits are totally true. Listen to the records for proof! Other stories, well…details are a little more sketchy. But myth or fact, they’re still entertaining! Head down below for lots more…

10. Axl Rose Records Sex With His Drummer’s Girlfriend For “Rocket Queen”

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