First Dibs: Who’s Rihanna’s “Potential Baby Daddy?”

Katy Perry and Barbara Walters clear the air, Jay Z reveals who’s his biggest fan, and YouTube taps major talent for its first music awards ceremony.

  • In an interview with Glamour magazine, Rihanna admitted that someday, she definitely wants kids. But she’s not in any rush — she still has yet to find the children’s father! [Huffington Post]
  • Who knew there was bad blood between Katy Perry and Barbara Walters? When the pop star sat down for an interview in 2011, she showed up late, provoking some pretty nasty comments from the veteran newswoman. But it seems like all is well these days, so we hope we get another interview soon. [E!]
  • Jay Z sat down with Vanity Fair, and talked extensively about his family. Apparently, his biggest fan is little Blue Ivy, who absolutely loved Magna Carta Holy Grail. [Us Magazine]
  • Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire are slated to perform at the YouTube Music Awards on November 3. The show will be held in New York City and streamed live for fans around the world. [MTV News]

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