HAIM Reveal The Stories Behind The Songs On Their New LP, Days Are Gone

VH1’s latest addition to the You Oughta Know family is, in fact, a family themselves! Say hello to HAIM, the California-based trio made up of sisters Este (bass), Danielle (guitar + lead vox) and Alana (keys). The band’s rapturously received debut LP, Days Are Gone, just dropped yesterday, and we recently sat down with the sisters HAIM and got them to spill all of the secrets about the songwriting and recording process.

Yesterday, the ladies walked us through the first five tracks on Days Are Gone, and today they’ll take us through the album’s second side: “Don’t Save Me,” “My Song 5,” “Go Slow,” “Let Me Go,” and “Running If You Call My Name.”


KEY QUOTE: “’Don’t Save Me’ was the first song we had recorded after the Forever EP came out. It was kind of a scary time for us.”—Alana Haim

7. “MY SONG 5”

KEY QUOTE: “It started out as a random demo of a couple of different ideas. The MIDI horn that you hear on the actual song IS a Garage Band sound of the horn section. It’s actually called, ’Horn Section.'”—Danielle Haim

8. “GO SLOW”

KEY QUOTE: “I think the hardest thing for a songwriter is to revisit songs, because when you write a whole song, you think it’s done. But with this song, we knew it could be better (than the first version they recorded).”—Alana and Danielle Haim

9. “LET ME GO”

KEY QUOTE: “We’ve been playing this song for the last 4 years. It came about because we wanted a kind of uptempo, drumming song. We wanted something that we could be tribal with.”—Danielle Haim


KEY QUOTE: “Our songs are definitely not about one person or one thing; they’re up for interpretation.”—Alana Haim, on whether the protagonist of this song is running TO or running AWAY from their potential love interest

[Photo Credit: Lauren Weissler/VH1]