If Paris Can’t Bring The Civil Wars Back Together In “Dust To Dust,” What Hope Do The Rest Of Us Have?

The Civil Wars are, sadly, still broken up. Nary a day goes by when we don’t find ourselves wishing that John Paul White and Joy Williams could find a way to bury the proverbial hatchet (or even a literal one, if that would help!) and return to making music together. All is not lost, though, as evidenced by their latest video from their eponymous second album, “Dust To Dust.”

This incredibly heartwrenching video begins with John Paul and Joy each wandering around the generally gay streets of Paris as lonely as can be. They sit in solitude in cafes, kill time in bookstores without any companionship, and stare longingly out of windows at the grey, grey skies. It’s clear that although these two souls are inextricably aligned—they even show up at the same places but at different times—the fates are conspiring to keep them apart. At first, a viewer assumes that this protracted state of soul-crushing seclusion is due to the fact that the Civil Wars are “no longer on speaking terms” in real life, but then, in a miraculous twist, the two are seen together in the same frame at the same time and we can’t help but wonder, “Wait, does this mean they are back together again?”

Then, just like that, the two drift apart, returning back to their earlier state of inhabiting the same physical space at different times. “We’ve been lonely / We’ve been lonely, too long,” John Paul and Joy sing in glorious harmony, and then the video concludes with their fans feeling that very same sentiment. We can only hope that these two, sooner rather than later, realize that their destinies are intertwined and get back to making beautiful music together. Until then, we’ll always have their two LPs, Barton Hollow and The Civil Wars, to tide us over whenever we’re feeling lonely.