10 Quotes From Miley: The Movement That Will Change The Way You Think About Her

Love her or hate her, everybody’s talking about Miley Cyrus. After watching the brand new, surprisingly insightful MTV documentary Miley: The Movement, you realize that getting people talking about her—positively OR negatively—has been Miley’s strategy all along.

Miley’s insanely controversial, turnt up and twerked out performance at the 2013 VMAs launched her career into a new stratosphere, and in watching Miley: The Movement, you recognize that this keenly self-aware pop star knew that would be the case. “You can watch that performance from the VMAs,” Miley says, “and think it was like a hot mess. But it was a strategic hot mess.”

The doc, which premiered last night but is available to stream now, is full of moments like this. Sure, her speech may be peppered with more “likes” than your Facebook wall, but Miley Cyrus is way more insightful (and hilarious!) than most pundits give her credit for. To that end, we’ve collected 10 of our favorite quotes from Miley: The Movement that reflect her wit, awareness of her place in popular culture, and help to illustrate her bigger plan.

  • Miley The Movement Strategic Hot Mess

  • Miley The Movement Damn Bear

  • Miley The Movement Britney Bitch

  • Miley The Movement Britney

  • Miley The Movement Mess

  • Miley The Movement Slave 4 U

  • miley-instincts

  • Miley The Movement The Movement

  • miley-mikewill

  • Miley The Movement Pharrell