Paris Hilton Is Ready To Have ‘Good Time’ On New Album

It’s been seven years since Paris Hilton first released “Stars Are Blind” and now the singer is back! After signing with Cash Money Records in May, Hilton returned to the studio to work on her forthcoming album, which she says is all about having a good time. “It’s music you want to party to,” Hilton says. “Just really happy, upbeat music.”

Hilton also explains how her new label, which is home to Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, influenced her sound. Her first album had a pop feel and this time she utilized house and hip hop beats, giving her new album an urban edge.

But what about her first single, “Good Time”? “I think it’s the perfect first single,” Hilton says.

While the song doesn’t officially hit the airwaves until October 8th, it hasn’t stopped the singer from teasing the new video. “I wanted the video to be a really amazing pool party,” Hilton explains. “It’s wild; they’re beautiful people.” One of them being Hilton herself, who looks flawless in the teaser she released earlier this week.

And let’s not forget Lil Wayne makes an appearance on the track!

[Photo: Getty; GIF: Stacy Lambe/VH1]