From Riches To More Riches: 10 Famous Musicians Who Grew Up Wealthy

  • taylor swift

  • lana del rey

  • Adam Levine

  • carly simon

  • the strokes

  • lars ulrich

  • jordin sparks

  • Mark Ronson

  • Darren Criss

  • james taylor

Part of the allure of being a rock star is knowing that you get to live the lifestyle. You get the cars, the houses, the freedom from crippling debt… The thing is some of our favorite famous musicians already had all that before they made it big (and we’re guessing some of them might not want us to know they’re not from the trailer next door).

Lana Del Rey might have styled herself into a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” from the trailer park, but she spent her earlier life as Lizzy Grant amongst the yuppie elite. Maroon 5’s Adam Levine is one of the biggest names in music, but he didn’t start off small. His dad owns a successful chain of retail stores. Taylor Swift may have been a precocious teen knocking on doors in Nashville with demo tapes, but she grew upon a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania and rode ponies (and she got her record contract after her dad bought a stake in the record company).

The 10 artists on our list all had to work hard to get to the top, but we’re not sure they ever knew the meaning of the word, “struggle.”

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]