Has Miley Cyrus Finally Crossed The Line With This New Terry Richardson Photo Shoot?

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The very first line that is uttered by Miley Cyrus in her new MTV documentary, Miley: The Movement is “I don’t apologize for anything.” So, we’re just going to go ahead and assume that there won’t be any mea culpas forthcoming after pictures of her latest photoshoot with the notoriously raunchy Terry Richardson (who, we should note, also convinced her to fellate a sledgehammer in the “Wrecking Ball” video) appeared online this afternoon.

These pictures, which are most definitely NSFW for any workplace (save for American Apparel), are the raunchiest that we have seen of the 20-year-old pop princess. It’s one thing to twerk on the VMAs while “dressed as a damn bear,” but these nipple and pubis bone baring photos definitely seem to push the envelope about as far as one can get without entering Backdoor Teen Mom territory.

That said! We’re not the type to moralize on issues like this. We leave that up to you, the people (and/or Sinead O’Connor). So, with that in mind…

Has Miley Cyrus Finally Crossed The Line With Her Latest Terry Richardson Photoshoot?

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[Photos: Terry’s Diary]