Anna Kendrick, Hugh Jackman & More: 10 Famous Actors With Big Musical Backgrounds

  • hugh jackman

  • kate winslet

  • anna kendrick

  • emmy rossum

  • andrew rannells

  • john gallagher jr

  • ewan mcgregor

  • cristin milioti

  • catherine-zeta-jones

  • kristen bell

You’ve seen them save the world on the big screen and they’ve made you laugh on television, but some of your favorite actors have a campy little secret: they have big musical backgrounds! Some stars like Hugh Jackman and Anna Kendrick have showcased their singing skills on the big screen, while some other up-and-coming actors might be hoping that they aren’t lumped in with their old Broadway pals. And then there are stars like Kate Winslet and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who had runs at overseas pop charts.

Not everyone gets their big break in the movies or on TV. Some stars have to toil away for years in the chorus line or singing for their supper before they cross over to the screen. Some of the actors on our list started acting because they loved musical theater (like Anna Kendrick, who at the age of 10 started taking the bus from Maine to Broadway every day for auditions), where others happened to get a break because they happened to sing.

Whether or not they’re known for singing now, the 10 actors on our list have the pipes to go toe-to-toe with any of the musicians on the pop charts today.

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