SoundScanner: You Oughta Know Alums Lorde And HAIM Make Top 10 Debuts

When is a No. 1 album and first week sales of 350,000 considered only sort of OK? When your name is Justin Timberlake and you’re talking about sales of his new record. #SoundScanner dives in:

TIMBERLAKE IS TOPS AGAIN: Justin Timberlake is No. 1 for a second time this year, as his 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 tops SoundScan’s Top Current Albums chart with 350,000 first-week sales. Debut sales of 350,000 should never be scoffed at, but that figure represents a 63 percent erosion from the 968,000 first-week sales of 20/20’s first part back in March. (It’s also Timberlake’s weakest opening sale frame of his solo career; FutureSex/LoveSounds kicked off with 684,000 sales in 2006, and Justified opened with 439,000 sales in 2002.) One benefactor of the new album was the 20/20 Experience’s first part, which jumps up 26 spots to No. 11 on this week’s chart on a 57 percent sales gain. To date, the album has sold 2.3 million copies, making it the year’s best selling album.

LORDE, HAIM MAKE A BIG SPLASH: Two spots beneath Timberlake, “Royals” singer and You Oughta Know alum Lorde makes a big splash with her debut album Pure Heroine, which sold 129,000 copies its first week. That’s a strong opening – it’s just off from the 138,000 first-week sales of Ariana Grande’s Yours Truly, to compare her to another young female singer – and it further proves the power of “Royals,” perhaps the year’s most unexpected hit. Two spots down at No. 5, country singer Tyler Farr rang up 29,000 sales of his debut Redneck Crazy, while L.A. trio Haim arrives at No. 6 with their debut Days Are Gone, which sold 26,000 copies its first week. A bit further down, St. Louis rapper Nelly lands at No. 14 with his new album M.O., marking his weakest chart debut to date, and signaling that perhaps it’s not so hot in herre anymore. (Side Note: Both Lorde and HAIM will be performing at the inaugural You Oughta Know In Concert special, which airs on VH1 on November 21 at 9PM/8C.)

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