Travie McCoy Teams Up With Jason Mraz On “Rough Water”

Travie McCoy has the best of both worlds, it seems. When he’s in a collaborative mood, he gets to work with his best buddies as part of Gym Class Heroes, but when he’s got a creative itch that he has to scratch, he can pivot and go solo, too. The latter strategy worked very well for him when he teamed up with Bruno Mars on “Billionaire” a few years ago, and now he’s partnered with Jason Mraz on a new track called “Rough Water.”

Speaking of “Billionaire,” this song takes a very similar tact in that Travie totally cedes the hook happy chorus to Mraz, but delivers the verses in his patented, hip-hop influenced speak-sing style. Their respective vocal styles compliment each other quite well, and after listening to this song a few times in a row this morning, we predict that this track will soon become a mainstay on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown.