10 Rock ‘N’ Roll Movies That Totally Didn’t Rock

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Filmmakers have been trying to bring the raw excitement of live rock ’n’ roll to the big screen for decades. Sometimes the results are a head-bangingly awesome triumph. But other times…the result is a flacid film that rocks about as much as The Perry Como Christmas Album. In other words, it totally doesn’t rock. And for those movies, we have nothing but ¬†disappointment and scorn.

Of course, we don’t go into the theater with such a negative vibe. Our hopes are usually SO high! Perhaps that’s our problem. Rarely are movies panned as loudly and as violently as music films that just don’t cut it. Maybe rock fans are just too passionate and overprotective of their beloved tracks. Whatever the case, it happens all the time.

CBGB’s opened on Friday, chronicaling the rise of the titular punk club in the mid ’70s. The premise sounds totally rad, but early reviews are not so hot. D’oh! Maybe it’ll come back as a cult classic..? It won’t be the first time a rock film just didn’t make it at the box office. Head up to the gallery above for 10 of the most infamous examples!



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