It’s A Slang Thang: The Top 10 Slang Words Celebrated In Music

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It’s 2013 and we’ve gotten some upgrades in the past few years. We’ve gone from Walkman to iPod, VCR to DVD player and flip phone to smart phone. Big changes, people. But with every new invention, we leave behind a legacy of abandoned gadgets and gizmos – Game Boys, cassette tapes, typewriters… Tamagotchis. And let’s not forget the lingo. The years of “That’s fly” / “She’s so bootylicious” / “Dang, that homeboy is a scrub” are behind us. It’s a sad, sad thing. So let’s dust off our dictionaries, get sentimental and look at some of the greatest slang words that might be dead in 2013 conversation, but live on in top chart songs. So check out the gallery of Top 10 Slang Terms Music Has Celebrated. It’s a bangin’ list beeotch. If you disagree, boy you bugg’n.

Oh, and we might as well make a pit stop at U.G.L.Y. You’re welcome.