10 Videos From The ’90s With Special Effects That Blew Our Minds

It’s Day Two of TLC Week here at VH1, which means that there are only six more days left until CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story premieres on October 21 at 9PM/8C. As we all know, TLC is widely recognized as being a dominant force in the genre of R&B, but one area where TLC doesn’t generally get the credit they deserve is in helping to pioneer some of the most memorable special effects moments in the history of music videos. In particular, their collaboration with director F. Gary Gray on “Waterfalls” in 1995 blew our (then) young minds when three water creatures morphed into T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye.

The ’90s were an incredible time in the history of of music videos, as artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Peter Gabriel teamed up with visionary directors like David Fincher, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris to push the entire genre forward with increasingly intricate shoots and complicated special effects. Sure, some of these videos may look a bit dated considering the advances that have been made in computer generated imagery (CGI), but at the time of their release, each and every one of these videos BLEW OUR MINDS. Won’t you join us down this GIF-illustrated stroll down memory lane?

ARTIST: Michael Jackson
SONG: “Black Or White”
DIRECTOR: John Landis
YEAR: 1991

Michael Jackson and director John Landis had previously teamed up on the “Thriller” video in 1983, arguably the best music video of all-time. While this video failed to top that one’s success, that’s not to say that this isn’t one of the Top 50 videos in the entire history of the medium. In addition to some memorable choreography, two moments here stand out. First, the end of this video features some seamless face morphing (including Tyra Banks!), which involved some cutting edge SFX (and, we must say, still looks great nearly 25 years later). Second, in a moment that got this video banned, a panther morphs into Michael Jackson and begins smashing streetcars, grabbing his crotch, and screaming to the high heavens. MIND=BLOWN!

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