“Chinese Food” Is The Best Worst Song You’ve Heard In Awhile

“There’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.”David St. Hubbins, This Is Spinal Tap

That keen observation is the first thing that came to our minds when we watched the video for “Chinese Food,” the new single from the evil geniuses who brought you the 2011 viral smash, “Friday.”

Patrice Wilson wrote and produced both of those songs as vehicles for his teenage girl mouthpieces; Rebecca Black rose to viral infamy thanks to her work on “Friday,” and now a young lass named Alison Gold is earning cheers and jeers for singing “Chinese Food,” an instantly hummable song that has managed to rack of 1.5MM views on YouTube in the last 24 hours.

Not much is known about Alison Gold, but it’s pretty clear from the outset that she’s not exactly the second coming of Mariah Carey or anything. The song’s appeal does not derive from her vocal talents, but rather from the way its lyrics blend rudimentary facts (the menu items at a Chinese restaurant), universal truths (wonton soup makes you feel “so so good”), and sage advice (“Chinese food takes away my stress / Now I’m going to go eat Panda Express”). Oh, and let’s not forget the catchy refrain of “I love chow mein/Chow ma-ma-ma-ma-mein.”

So, dear readers, what side of the clever/stupid line do YOU think this song falls in? Grab yourself a fortune cookie and let us know in the comments.