First Dibs: How Has Cee Lo Green Managed To Get On The Wrong Side Of The Law?

Dolly Parton lands in the hospital, Jennifer Lopez claims her famous curves weren’t always a welcome sight, and British duo Disclosure talk about their dream collaboration.

  • Cee Lo Green has been accused of giving a woman ecstasy, apparently to subdue her to have sex. The singer pleaded not guilty to the drug charge, but escaped any charges related to sexual assault. [Huffington Post]
  • Country legend Dolly Parton was injured in a car accident. The singer was briefly hospitalized after the collision, with her as a passenger in a friend’s car. [TMZ]
  • In a new interview, Jennifer Lopez says that she was criticized for her curves early in her career. We’re sure many of today’s stars are glad she paved the way for big booties! [Us Magazine]
  • Is Kendrick Lamar willing to branch out with some electronic sounds? Disclosure certainly hopes so. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]