Friday Face-Off: Spooky Halloween Song Edition

BOOH! Did I getcha? Halloween is around the corner, and we can’t wait for everyone to dress up in their finest ghoul, goblin and gremlin garb.  There’s gonna be haunted houses, horror movies, and candy… what could be better?! In light of this goopy, gory and gruesome day – let’s peak at some seriously disturbing videos. Do you prefer Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” or Fever Ray’s “If I Had A Heart“? Vote now, and tell us which song you find creepier. And remember… check under your bed before you go to sleep. Mwahahaha.

Team Rockwell

Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me” –  Paranoid yet? I know I am… this video gives me the heebie jeebies! We’ve all had that feeling where we get a little spooked, turn around to see if we’re being followed, and of course – there’s no one there. But this brings paranoia to a whole different level. There’s blood running from the shower and strange creatures occupying the front lawn. Terrifying and enjoyable to watch all at the same time. I’m gonna go make some popcorn.

Team Fever Ray

Fever Ray “If I Had A Heart”  – Ah, how to express my thoughts on this inherently absurd video. To start, I completely love it. The sound alone sucks you in to a depth of weirdness only understandable when listening to the song. It’s like a collection of ghosts summoning you. Oh yeah, and there’s the dark setting throughout the music video, where it’s just bright enough for you to recognize mysterious figures are around you – but just dark enough that you can’t  identify them. Yeah, I’d say that’s the right way to do creepy.