First Dibs: Is Katy Perry Side-Eyeing Miley Cyrus For Getting Naked?

Is Jay-Z going to end his business relationship with Barneys? Who brought the house down at Philly’s Power 99’s Powerhouse 2013? Why are One Direction fans melting down?

  • In a recent interview with NPR, Katy Perry said that other females in pop need to stop getting naked all the time and that they should “put it away.” She also said she wasn’t talking “about anyone in particular,” but we can probably read between the lines. [NPR]
  • Jay-Z will not end his clothing deal with Barneys, even though the store is caught up in a racism scandal. Jay-Z explained that the clothes he sells at Barneys go to charity and are not sold for profit. [Eonline]
  • If the tween in your life has been an emotional wreck this weekend, it might have something to do with One Direction’s new single, “Story Of My Life.” MTV News has a round up of all the “feels” fans posted online. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]