Over It: 20 Artists Who Hate Their Beloved Classic Hit

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Having a hit song has got to be pretty great, right? At least until you have to play this hit song over and over and over -ad nauseam- for the rest of your natural life. We can see how you might get kinda tired of it, and eventually grow to hate the very tune that made you famous. Don’t believe us? Just ask these 20 rock stars!

Some artists might have actually liked their classic tunes at some point, before they played ’em a billion times. Others weren’t too fond of ’em from the very start. In any event, many musicians are definitely not as enamored with their chart-topping smash as we are. Even John Lennon went on record saying that he unequivocally hated a ton of Beatles songs. This is THE BEATLES, you guys! Everyone loves the Fab Four! So obviously no one is immune to this phenomenon. Head up to the gallery above to see 20 other artists who hate the songs that made us love them.

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