Drake Throws Himself A Birthday Party In Brooklyn

Drake brought his Would You Like a Tour? to Brooklyn on Monday night, performing at the Barclays Center as the spirit of Hov and Jason Kidd watched over him. Because it was a few days after his 27th birthday, and New York is the best place to celebrate any occasion, Drizzy threw himself a party during the show. And he was generous enough to invite 18,000 of his closest friends!

Tearing through Nothing Was The Same in near entirety, Drake managed to make the BK crowd cry and turn up simultaneously. For a young artist, he’s so confident in his set list and delivery that it doesn’t matter if the crowd has yet to commit his newest album to memory–but they did. While the much-talked about stage was sleek and pristine, Drake didn’t rely on flashy theatrics to fill time, just comforting images of his city and snapshots from his career (Degrassi included) and a collection of hits. This was a party after all, and any tears should wait until the end–or at least the first five or six drinks.

Read on for five foolproof ways to throw your own birthday soiree à la Drizzy.

1. Bring a crew

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