The Greatest Heavy Metal Mascots Of All Time

  • iron_maiden

  • motorhead

  • dio_murray_holy_diver

  • megadeath_vic_rattlehead

  • disturbed_the_guy

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  • children_of_bodom

  • anthrax_not_man_fistful

  • iced_earth

  • manowar_manowarriors

  • overkill_chaly

  • helloween_jack_o_lantern

  • kreator_violent_mind

Some are creepy. Some are epic. And some are just flat out ridiculous. But they’re all awesome. Since the 1970s they’ve been popping up on your favorite hard rock and heavy metal band’s releases and merchandise, and the trend continues to this very day. Here are the greatest metal mascots to ever grace an album cover, stage, t-shirt or nightmare.