Last Lap: Which Lost Loved One Has Lady Gaga In Mourning?

James Blunt stays grounded with Moon Landing, Rihanna touches up a recent tattoo, and Jay Z receives an apology from a business partner.

  • If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how quickly they become parts of your family. And sadly, Lady Gaga announced on Twitter that her family put down her childhood dog after a cancer battle. The songstress also donned an all-black outfit to mark the passing. [E!]
  • James Blunt is trying to reach out to everyday people on his new album, Moon Landing. Check out what he’s saying about the LP’s message.
  • Even after enduring the mallet-and-chisel tattoo technique long used by New Zealand’s Maori population, Rihanna decided to go over her tribal ink with something a little more contemporary. She flew her trusted New York artists to the Caribbean to modify the design on her hand, presumably throwing cultural sensitivity out the window. [Daily Mail]
  • Following a controversy involving alleged racial profiling, Barneys CEO Mark Lee apologized to Jay Z, saying the accusations have strained the rapper’s partnership with the retailer. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]